“Dr. Bridges has an aptitude for detective-like sleuthing within the human physiology. She’s got a knack for asking the right questions to make treatments you never would have thought were so fun! She get’s people better faster.”

“Thank goodness for Dr. Lisa Bridges. I was looking for help with a severe concussion after a car accident with a moose, and I found Dr. Lisa to be one of the most experienced Functional Neurology doctors in Calgary. She had just helped a fellow who was suffering concussion effects for 13 years and that was good enough for me. In my first session, she seemed to be able get inside my concussion as she pointed out things that I was experiencing, but couldn’t articulate. I find her to be thorough and creative as she performs tests that target my injuries versus other doctors I’ve encountered who go through a set of rote tests that miss what Dr. Lisa finds. Finally Dr. Lisa is generous with her knowledge and time. I ask her a multitude of questions in my sessions because I’m trying to learn what’s happening with my brain, and Dr. Lisa is down-to-earth and answers them all and explains in terms that I understand. Thank you Dr. Lisa for helping me so much.”

“Dr. Bridges is one of the most genuine people I have met, and a fantastic chiropractor. As a chiropractic student, I’ve had my share of adjustments; in order to stay healthy and pain free I would often seek out Dr. Bridges for her precise adjustments and expertise. She utilizes a variety of techniques to find what works for each patient, and always ensures their comfort throughout the process. She takes the time to educate her patients and make them feel at ease. I will definitely be booking an appointment with her whenever I am in town!”