A concussion is a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) that can have a serious immediate and potentially long term impact on brain function. While many of the immediate effects of a concussion are often temporary if the concussion isn’t managed promptly and appropriately, long term health problems can develop. The initial common symptoms of neck pain, headaches, short and long term memory loss, judgement, balance and coordination, and loss of focus and impulse control can become long term if not dealt with appropriately. Concussions typically arise from a blow to the head, but they are also common with whiplash injuries, as well as from violent shaking. Also be aware that not all concussions result in a loss of consciousness, consequently many individuals who suffer a TBI often don’t even realize it.

If you have sustained a head injury playing sports, had a car accident, of fallen and hit your head be aware that you may have suffered a concussion. Every concussion causes micro-damage to the brain and sometimes more severe damage can occur depending on the extent of the impact, your brain will need time to rest and heal, but this is not the only nor the best therapy for your brain.

Dr Lisa utilizes state of the art Functional Neurological testing (similar to the assessment and treatment that Sydney Crosby received) to assess the extent of your injury in order to determine the extent of your brain injury, decide when and if you can return to activity, and design a comprehensive functional therapy program to get your brain functioning optimally. We don’t just prescribe rest – we use modalities such as balance, smell, sounds, vibration, specific eye exercises, eye lights, and nutrition to establish proper brain function.

If you have any suspicion that you or your child has suffered from a concussive event please call our office for a consultation.